Our Care Givers

Our caregivers are selected based not only on their skills, but on their instinctive caring nature. They work with their hands and with their hearts. They are trained in all aspects of physical care giving, but also in attending to the whole well-being of everyone they serve.

We take the time and effort to be sure to match caregivers with clients. Both must be compatible and comfortable with each other.

Our employees are carefully screened, bonded and insured. We conduct background checks, verify previous employment, check health and physical reports, and get personal and professional recommendations.

We work on a team concept of care. Every Be HomeCare client has a team of caregivers, each of whom have been introduced and trained in their individualized plan of care.

We will not send a caregiver to a client’s home without a formal introduction and on site training.

Communication between our office staff, caregivers and our client’s family is an important part of our quality of care.