Our Care Process

We provide companionship, care giving and homemaking with a customized combination of services based on the needs of each client.

Our concerned care begins with your first call to us. We discuss the care needed, health history and life style of the client. We gather information on the home situation, family contacts, and daily routines.

We then set up an appointment for an in-home client care assessment, which is the most important part of our plan of care and caregiver matching process. Our assessment staff includes a Certified Senior Advisor. Initial assessments are provided at no cost.

We arrange a schedule and an assigned team of caregivers. The team usually includes a primary caregiver, a backup caregiver, and two care managers each of whom who are able to be there in case of team scheduling emergencies.

We will always be there as scheduled.

We stay in touch with clients and their loved ones via phone, email and texting to be sure that care, appointments and special needs are covered and adjusted as needs arise.